Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So I'm just gonna ramble tonight......I went to the ob-gyn yesterday--woo-hoo--big fun! We're trying to conceive #5 (well only #3 for me). My nurse practitioner was hyped up about putting me on Clomid and then realized my blood pressure was 160/104! I've not been taking my HCTZ as directed--but being a RN makes you your own WORST patient. So I've started taking my medication again with the hopes of keeping my BP down and starting the Clomid in a few weeks. Today I woke up feeling like dog crap--sinus drainage and a sore throat. I got my dad to pick the kids up at school so they're spending the night with the parents. I have a whole house to myself and I have to admit it's eerily quiet. Oh my sweet dear husband is a paramedic so he works 24 hour shifts and that's another reason the house is so quiet.

I'm still completely irritated that I can't figure this whole blog layout---I conquered Myspace and Facebook---why am I still having such a hard time!!

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