Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's Been Awhile.........

Well I think i'm gonna try this whole blogging thing again since I have been on a 3 month hiatus--from what I don't know! I enjoy reading blogs and I hope I will get some followers to read mine one day!! I'm a talker so don't mind me if I type like I'm talking!!

Following up on my previous post----I am NOT pregnant...yet....maybe one day there will be another Horton joining our household...probably when I'm in my forties and going through what my mama calls "the change." Which I have never really understood. The change of what?? No periods for the rest of your life---hell yes!! Just call it menopause people!!!

Anyways my parents are on a 2 week long vacation in California and I'm starting to miss them just a little bit. They'll be back on the 26th--thank goodness!! My kids need their babysitters back.now.really. I'm starting to lose it!!

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