Monday, June 29, 2009

I Heart My Job

Maybe one day I will have some followers...maybe one day I will have the time to blog on a daily basis!

Being an ER nurse is not the easiest job in the world--yeah the money is great but sometimes I think having a little bit of sanity is priceless! Just the other day at work I had an involuntary commitment (a.k.a. crazy,homicidal, suicidal, or just all 3 wrapped into 1). I took him his breakfast tray--the conversation went as follows:

me--"hello, here is some breakfast if you're hungry"(the breakfast tray consisted of eggs, bacon, carton of milk and oj)

him--"I can't eat"

nuff said--I leave.

30 minutes later....this guy is trying to walk out the front door. Security!!!

He starts yelling "I want to talk to the doctor!!! I want a phone to call my wife!!!" (his wife is the one who had him committed)

I told him "Sorry but you can't have a phone right now."

He says "I'm thirsty and you guys can't even give me anything to drink!!!"

Oh hell no!! I know he just didn't say that when 30 minutes prior I had gave him a meal that any homeless person would have killed for.

I proceed to show him that on the bedside table sit a meal tray where not 1 but 2 digestible liquids sit untouched!! He then says "How can I reach it when it is sitting all the way over there?"

I then respond by saying "Dude! The same way you almost walked out the front door!!"

And then comes my verbal abuse for the day---his response "Shut the f**k up you ugly fat ass bitch!! You f**king whore!!"

My co-worker quickly tells me "Kristi, you're not ugly!"

Aww jee thanks!


  1. An ER nurse...I can't even imagine. I just posted today about the great nurses we had when my son was in the hospital.

  2. I love Mt Airy too! It always makes for a nice half way Old State Winery right down town